Sunday, May 25, 2014

Training the Budding Stars of Rock Climbing

Shane Messer while speaking
with us  during the training says climbing is about having fun and tonight
we are going to train ourselves regarding the skills
which are required while taking on heights. Messer with his 35 boys and girls starts his proceedings and it was quiet shocking to see children coming from all ages to practice the skills of climbing. During the course it was also learnt that children had came from New England to sharp their skills under the guidelines of the finest coaches from the United States.
Messer announces okay the male candidates would have a time limit of 4 minutes on and 4 minutes off to climb the wall.
Shane Messer while pointing to the Central Rock Gym in Watertown, Massachusetts says it is the biggest within the shore of the Northeast and the best one I have ever romped in.
The first contestant from the boy’s squad lies on the purple climb at the back of the wall so that they could get every single details and visuals of the route which was set by the Messer and his colleagues. Messer who is also an official director of the route setting of Central Rock gym holds the wall just t the right angel to balance the twelve foot tall routes.
After checking the safety Messer asks who is first and just when he poised that word a ten year old boy from the corner shouts me.
During the training course he observes all the young prodigies who left no stone unturned as if they were all set to measure the height through difficulties. The only thing they could not match was the limit of time and just when Messer announced the call of time limit another boy was off to his feet to climb the rock.
The kids were allowed to fall as Messer was there to pull the landing maps just at a right direction to save the head of the young fellows.
While interviewing the young fellow from Messer training batch who is amongst the best climber form the batch says Messer is really a good trainer and he has all the plans to suit the young climbers like us.
Katie Lamb another sixteen year old young climber from the batch of Shane, who had already bagged a medal in previous national games, said Messer is really a good coach and he is not a scary person.
While speaking to climbing coach he said that the very stone of the climbing was really inconceivable because during 1960s and 70s I took an initiative to coach my fellow members but that really was not a part of training. During that time we had no indoor gyms and national competition.

While stating the level of difficulties he says the level of difficulties of V8 for them during that age was almost impossible to climb because they had no indoor gym and competitions but with the evolution in game climbing V8 and other level of difficulties had become far easier.
The very instance of the level of improvisation and evolution can be trace from the core of the Business journal who has stated that there are now over 600 gyms within the United States for gymnast to practice the indoor calls.
A couple of days back I showed my friend how the teenagers were climbing the purple climb and longer routes without any sense of hard nerves, the budding star were climbing the long routes along the experienced campaigner.
Such a level of concentration was there that they faced no difficulties while climbing the boulder while questioning regarding the same, the nine year old Max said, I came into the Gym everyday along with my dad to practice the level of boulder to perfect my skills.
While asking, “Is climbing the most important thing in your life, Max?”
“Umm . . . yes!”
Sixteen year old Solomon from Philadelphia who has been training himself at the age of 7 said that climbing is his passion. So while asking “What brings you here tonight?” he answered Duh. “I’m training for the Nationals.”
Messer while speaking said that it was not a matter of surprise for him to see the children going all guns blazing while climbing the rocks and it was not either astounding to see their parents spending $550 over 3 day camp which is going on between Watertown and CRG’s sister gyms in Worcester, Massachusetts, and Glastonbury, Connecticut.
The 35 athletes after completing their course would be asked to join the dining table where after finishing their course would be asked to play a game and the kids who would come out with number would be given an opportunity to participate in the World Championships which would be held in August.
Messer who grew up under the Military brat in Fayetteville, North Carolina was always a prodigy of sports and while carrying on his athlete course he participated in many tracks, cross-country, wrestling and many more. Despite of his age bar he used to play a very good volleyball with the pro volleyball player.
Till 19 he had developed himself as rock climber and during his young life even after finding himself with bad company he never engaged his mind towards wrong things rather he put share focus to achieve his goal.
While sharing the fact related with his life he said he was used to get ample of happiness while driving the cool cars of his friends. During the age of 18 Messer shares he suffered hard times of life as he was suffering from sphincter which caused him urinating problem.
Understanding the cause of such problem his father immediately took him to Bragg emergency room where he was diagnosed and after three months of continuous struggle which cost him a loss of body mass fortunately paved a way for his good health.
Being conscious regarding his health he tried many things but fortunately ended up as a rock climber and in this context he quotes the name of gym in Fayetteville where he discovered himself as climbing athlete.
During his course he was so repetitive that he took a continuous effort to climb the V0 and because of his focus and ardent concentration he is now a nationally ranked climber and following his course of success one must understand that he had recently climbed the V13.

While defining himself he says he is a second string or in fact third string. He said that he travels around the world and never looks to sponsor himself like Daniel Woods or Jimmy Webb rather he has become the master route setter.
While speaking in for of coaching he said he would not mind if he gets an opportunity to spend his life while coaching other and he takes it as a brilliant career opportunity.
At Central rock gym I saw Messer training his young fellow and by the first look you would not believe the fact that he is one of the champion climbers and it was share pleasure to see him training his young fellows with the words of encouragement.
That evening I met with Melanie, Shane’s wife who was there along with her six month old son Eli and much to the delight of his fellow trainee he lifted his son high on the air and catch him over and over.
Joe Hardy who hired Messer as a trainer said that Messer brings passion while training the kids and his dedication is really pushing the heights of CRG. While asking what the reward of training Messer said ‘watching a kid succeed on something he’s trained hard for,”.
While adding to the coaching manuals he said there are some coaches who go really harsh on training but my practice is different I don’t give false hope to my trainee and while sharing the experience of his alliance with CRG he feels really good to be a part of the dynamic team.


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